Laurence (W4RNER) Warner

Occasional Educator, Always Impactful

I have 500+ hours experience coaching 30+ young people to skill up in quant subjects.
I specialise in coaching teenagers in computing disciplines - encompassing mathematics on the technical side, and web/app design on the creative, practical side.

Past Students

I inspire confidence in students based on my own educational acheivements:

Master's: Fulbright Scholar in Computation @ UChicagoUni: PPE @ Oxford - 2nd in class16-18: IB @ Sevenoaks School - 45/45
especially when they know the struggles along the way & where I came from:
16>: GCSE @ state comprehensive in hometown Eastleigh - 11 A*

To ensure good results, I've developed a unique tutoring methodology called 'agileEducation'.

It's a flexible method for self-driven, internet-enabled learning, that I utilise in my tutoring, and you can find out more about it on its devoted page.

Alright, nerd credentials clear! 🤓
But can I communicate well? 💬
Well, here I am having a chit-chat about tutoring with TV's Rick Edwards:

But who cares what Cambridge-alum Rick Edwards thinks of me? He didn't give me any money in the end anyway!
Let's hear from some people who have!!
Well not quite hear, I do like to protect student privacy - did I mention I'm Enhanced DBS Checked 👍 since 2016! - so here's some words some of them have written:

So if I'm so good at this, why don't I get teaching qualifications & do it full-time?

Well frankly, because I prefer Writing Songs & Code, and I'll do that unless I'm paid good money not to!

But the creative avenues I've channeled my education into, including:
Creating a #SavvyIndie blueprint for indepedent artists to self-release & tour their debut albumWorking on & advising multiple start-ups on UI/UX design
often inspires students, especially creative youth - who I can uniquely inspire to see quantitative subjects in the new light of technology - for example as an On-Set Tutor.

Hire me to unlock potential in a student

I was an early adopter in 2016 of online tutoring and still champion its use where necessary (Zoom, iPad Pro w/ Apple Pencil), though I also believe I can have more impact in-person, so I particularly encourage (West) London clients & summer schools.

I'll offer prospective clients or summer schools a free 10m edu consultation outlining my offering, along with general advice including affordable supplements/alternatives.
Tell me a little about the opportunity, and I'll respond within 2 days:

Or if you're confident we should talk

Please grab 10m on my personal calendar, for a free 10m educational consultation, as soon as tomorrow.

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